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The future of the chat apps has arrived.
NextChat for iOS and Android is here. Chat has never been so easy.

NextChat Block

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Description: Take advantage of the opportunities in Smart Slider 3 layer animations!

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:



The NextChat block is a block type, full page slider, so it has only one slide without any controls, and its width and height fills the browser. The slider has a white background color, but you can see green particles on it. This is the particle effect which you can customize or disable in the Animations tab of the Slider settings. You can change their color, the effect, the number of them or their speed.

Particle effect settings


The slider contains heading and image layers. There are 4 image layers in the background, which are moving and are great design elements. These layers are in absolute position. With absolute position you can put your layers everywhere in the canvas, and can be useful if you want to decorate your slider.

Layer list of the block


This block has lots of animation. Each layer has a nice incoming layer animation, also there are layers where you can see a loop animation. So after a time, the animation starts again. You can use the timeline to harmonize the animations together, also you can copy them, or change their duration or delay.

Layer animations are on the timeline


The block has a main row which has 2 columns. The first column contains an image layer, 2 heading layers and another row with 2 images. The right column also has an image layer. Finally, below the row you can see 4 image layers in absolute position.


The main row wraps after 1 column on mobile, so the content has enough space, and you can read all of the important information. By default the first column should be on the top and the second on the bottom, but you can change its order by dragging the green boxes in the layer window.

The row wraps after 1 column

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