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Bed frame with storage
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Modern Leather Sofa & Chair
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Loveseat, gunnared light gray
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Bar stool, black
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Product Slider

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Description: Transform your products into a fully responsive beautiful sliders. Products slider maybe used to show your recent, best, random or highest rated products. Find the slide which fits perfectly, import and you can start to sell your products.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:



The Product Slider is a boxed slider, so it fits well in your posts or pages, because the slider can be as big as the container it’s in. You can use it as a static slider, so you can display your products, but with Smart Slider you can create a dynamic product slider as well.

Boxed layout


The slider has layers on the bottom of the slides. You can find basic layers on the slider: headings and a button. If you check the big heading, you can see it has a yellow hover color. You can change this color in the Style tab of the layer window at the typography.

Hover color of the heading


When you switch a slide, you can see the next or previous slide fades in. This animation is the main animation of the slider which you can change to horizontal or vertical in the Animations tab of the Slider settings.

Main animation settings


Each slide has the same layout. There is a row with 2 columns. The first row contains 2 heading layers, and the second column has another row on it. This row also has 2 columns, the first has a heading, and the second a button layer.

Layout of the slides


If you check the slider in tablet or mobile, you can see it is fully responsive. The main row wraps after 1 column on mobile, so the content has enough space, and the texts are legible. The texts are also smaller, which you can customize with the text scale option.

Text scale option

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