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Introduction of the Brand New Highlighted Heading Layer

Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
Ramona Nemeth-Csoka
September 11, 2018

After releasing Smart Slider 3 Eclipse we had lots of things on our roadmap as Smart Slider 3’s next core feature. It wasn’t an easy task to choose from the many great stuffs we have planned, but we decided to develop the Highlighted Heading Layer first. We realized fast that the new layer would be useful for many of you for its wide usage and creative look.

But first, let’s answer the question I’m sure you have in mind: what’s a highlighted heading? It’s a brand new Smart Slider 3 Pro layer you can use to create beautiful text effects and animations.

It helps you highlight the most important part of the heading, delivering your message in the most effective way.

These creative, animated headlines quickly grab visitor’s attention and make your site look trendy.

The Origins of the Highlighted Heading

The Highlighted heading effect might be familiar from page builder plugins. For instance, Elementor has a very similar effect called Animated headlines, although it doesn’t have as many animations as Smart Slider 3. Our highlighted heading layer offers 20 different effects which help visitors focus on the most important element of your site. Each of these highlights have their own animation which you can configure. For instance, you can change their delay or duration but you can also loop the animations. To take advantage of the highlighted headlines simply update to 3.3.7.

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Add Highlighted Texts Anywhere

The Highlighted heading provides an easy way to make visitors focus on your message. It makes your content stand out and people will notice it instantly. You can write text that appears before and/or after your highlighted text, which helps you feature the most important part of your message. But if you don’t want any of those, you can just have your highlighted text inside the layer. Then pick the highlight type you want to use. You don’t even have to select any highlight type, you can use the Highlighted heading layer for several other purposes. For instance, you can create text where certain words have different color, size or font family.

Slide 1
All text without animation
Before Text
Highlighted Text
After Text
In animation
Highlighted Text
After Text
Loop animation
Before Text
Highlighted Text

Highlighted Heading Animations

The Highlighted heading offers several cool effects you can use to feature your text. You can circle it, put a line below or through it and much more. We created a simple block for you where you can see all effects and choose your favorite. You can loop the effect or have it play only once. We created a sample slider where you can check each effect you’ll use on your next project or to simply choose your favorite. All effects are perfectly responsive and work fine on mobile browsers as well.

Slide 1
Circle One
Circle Three
Curly Two
Highlight Two
Line Through One
Line Through Three
Rectangle Two
Underline Two
Underline Double One
Zig Zag One
Zig Zag Three
Circle Two
Curly One
Highlight One
Highlight Three
Line Through Two
Rectangle One
Underline One
Underline Three
Underline Double Two
Zig Zag Two

New Slider Template

Whenever we release a new Smart Slider 3 feature we create new slider templates, which can give you creative ideas for your next project. For the Highlighted heading layer’s release, we prepared this beautiful slider template for you. Be sure to check it out using the link below, and if you like the template, import it and use it on your site.


We believe Highlighted heading layer to be a great addition to Smart Slider 3. What’s next? Fortunately, we have a lot of great stuffs in mind. You can expect another useful layer arriving soon, adding a whole bunch of new and exciting text effects. While you’re waiting, go and check out Highlighted heading and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

Ramona Nemeth-Csoka

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