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On-the-ground transportation

Our expertise spans multiple modes of transportation, including road, rail, and air, allowing us to offer a seamless and dependable logistics network that ensures your cargo reaches its destination precisely when and where you need it.

Atlantic crossing transportation

Connect continents with ease through our reliable transatlantic transportation services. Whether you're shipping across the Atlantic Ocean or between North America and Europe, count on us for safe and efficient logistics solutions.

Oceanic freight transportation

Navigate the world's oceans with confidence. Our sea and ocean delivery services offer a wide range of options to transport your cargo globally, including container shipping, bulk cargo, and specialized solutions.

Efficient inventory management

Ensure your products are in the right place at the right time with our advanced warehousing and storage facilities. We offer secure and customizable storage solutions to meet your inventory needs and streamline your supply chain.


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Description: Explore the versatility of our full-width slider with bullet navigation, perfect for spotlighting various logistics solutions on your website. Easily guide your audience through supply chain excellence, effortlessly highlighting your company's logistics operations.

Premium: Gain access to all slider templates with a single purchase.

Minimum version:


Slider Settings

This Full-width slider is designed to look great on any screen size, making your website visually appealing across devices. It comes with handy controls to make browsing easier for your visitors. You can simply drag the slides left or right, which works especially well on smaller screens where swiping is common. Beneath the slider, you’ll see three dots that act as bullet points. These help users choose which slide they want to see and show how many slides are available.

The slider automatically changes slides every 8 seconds, adding a nice touch of movement. But if you want more time to read the text, just click on the slide to pause the autoplay feature.

Autoplay settings in Smart Slider


Besides the columns and rows, this slider keeps things simple with just two layers on each slide: text and headings positioned at the top.

But here’s the interesting part, on the bottom half of each slide, there’s a column featuring unique background images. These images are custom-made with gradients, adding a stylish touch. Plus, the column itself has rounded corners, all thanks to its border-radius settings, giving the slider a clean look.

Border Radius settings in Smart Slider


Each layer comes with a cool animation that kicks in as the slide loads, appearing one after the other. The text and heading layer smoothly enter from each side of the slider with basic incoming animations, while the column featuring the background image unveils itself with a captivating green reveal animation.

To see these animations, just check out the timeline. It gives you a visual look at all the animations happening on your layers. Plus, you can adjust how long they last and when they start. And if you want, you can even add new animations or copy them from one layer to another right there.

Timeline in Smart Slider


The slider uses a simple layout: there is one row with 2 columns and another with one column. The top two columns contain the textual layers, and the bottom column has the above-mentioned image background.

Slide content and structure

On mobile, the first row wraps after 1 column, so the textual elements are below each other.


The slider works great on mobile devices, offering some important benefits for small-screen users. It’s entirely touch-friendly, so you can swipe through slides effortlessly. Plus, getting it to look good on small screens doesn’t take much effort. It adjusts automatically to fit any device.

To improve readability on mobile, you can adjust the text size using the Text scale option. You can also hide certain layers on mobile to keep the slider from getting too tall. You can still find these layers in the Layer List.

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